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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

If not Genocide, what is it?

UN rules out genocide in Darfur

According to the story from the BBC, "More than 70,000 people have been killed and two million more forced to flee their homes in Darfur since February 2003."
Of course what we know is that "where genocide is found to have taken place, signatories to a UN convention are legally obliged to act to end it."

This can be a problem, of course, because then something has to be done.

The article says the report "was initiated in October by the UN Security Council which had asked Secretary General Kofi Annan to set up a commission to investigate alleged human rights violations in Darfur."

Additionally it said, "some individuals - including government officials - may have committed 'acts with genocidal intent'.

So it was kind of like genocide, maybe, at least in intent, possibly, but not really. Well if it wasn't genocide, what was it? Protein Wisdom comes up with:

9 names the UN would PREFER we give to the "not genocide" in Darfur
  1. "Refugee Bingo"
  2. "The Sudenese government presents Darfur on Ice!"
  3. "Just a few silly Arab militias sowing their wild oats"
  4. "David Blaine’s The Incredible Disappearing Civilians of Displeasing Ethnicity"
  5. "People Pruning"
  6. "Mulching the Desert"
  7. "No Chocolate Wednesdays"
  8. "That little African misunderstanding"
  9. “‘Extreme Makeover’: The Dark Continent edition
HeavyHanded says, call it anything, (PLEASE) just not genocide.


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