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Saturday, February 12, 2005

More Churchill (not Winston)

Moron More on Ward Churchill:
The quote of the day: While discussing slur sir Churchill, CNN's Aaron Brown asked Dahlia Lithwick of Slate.com: "Just on the face of it, academic freedom ought to embrace even dumb things, I suppose. Is that right?" Lithwick responded, "That's sort of the cornerstone of the notion of what university is about, Aaron."

George Neumayr writes:
That embracing dumb ideas is the cornerstone on which universities are now built explains why those who exercise reason and demand the observance of rational standards are treated as the only real threats to academic freedom. It explains why tenured professorships are meted out not on the basis of intelligence but its absence -- on a kind of promise not to use one's mind should it conflict with reigning academic dogmas. Playing dumb is now an academic job requirement. Literally dumb: you must not say or see certain things.
Read his entire article here.

Update: Ward Churchill reportedly trained a domestic terror group. According to a Fox News report citing the Jan. 18, 1987 issue of the Denver Post, Churchill taught the radical, revolutionary group known as the Weathermen how to make bombs and fire weapons. Details.


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