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Friday, May 06, 2005

Incommunicado ?

Dennis the Wizard - Dennis Turner

Is it just a matter of time until cellphone viruses muck up mobile voice communications as they did email? Will we be subjected to ceaseless beeping from phony messages, causing users to chuck their cellphones and thus rendering them incommunicado while on the road (considering that public phones are nearly extinct, having been done in by those selfsame cellphones)?

One of the things that makes virus writers tick is the challenge - the ability to get into a system, bend, break and shape it to the virus writer's will. So, with the ubiquity and popularity of cellphones, there's no doubt virus writers will be very tempted to come up with a phone killer, just to be able to say they did."

Yes, this is a reality. In fact there has been (although minimal) some reports of viruses in cell phones already. Think of what this means along with other technological advances that the likes of China has made and potential harm it could do to our military weapons as we become more dependent on hi-tech weapons.


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