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Sunday, June 12, 2005

22 percent of all American children under 6 have illegal alien parents.

The report estimated that 22 percent of all American children under 6 have illegal alien parents. More than 90 percent of these children were born in the United States and automatically are citizens, and nearly one-third, 1.3 million, live with at least one illegal alien parent, the report said.

UPDATE: There were some inaccuracies in this article from KVOA TV. Some excerpts from the Urban Institute's actual report:

*Children of immigrants are a large share of the young child population. Children of immigrants are the fastest growing component of the child population (Hernandez 1999). While immigrants are 11 percent of the total U.S. population, children of immigrants make up 22 percent of the 23.4 million children under 6 in the United States. They make up a larger share of the population under 6 than the population age 6 to 17 (20 percent). Policies, then, that advantage or disadvantage younger children—such as child care and early education—will have far-reaching impacts on children of immigrants. Correlatively, policies affecting young children and their families will increasingly be judged by their effects on the health, well-being, and school readiness of children of immigrants.

*Most young children of immigrants are citizens living in mixed-status families. Almost all (93 percent) children of immigrants under 6 are citizens. Most live in mixed-status families with one or more noncitizen parents. These legal and illegal noncitizen parents may be reluctant to approach public or publicly funded institutions for services despite their children's citizenship and eligibility (Fix and Zimmermann 1999). As a result, children of immigrants use public benefits less often than children of natives, despite higher rates of economic hardship.

*Over one-quarter of young children of immigrants have undocumented parents. Twenty-nine percent of children of immigrants under 6 live in families with one or more undocumented parents. No matter how Congress resolves the current debate over providing legal status for undocumented immigrants, the results will have a major impact on large numbers of immigrant families with young children.


  • The Urban League report did NOT say that 22 percent of all American children under 6 have illegal alien parents. It said that 22 percent of all American children under 6 have at least one IMMIGRANT parent. It went on to say that of those children under age 6 who have immigrant parents, 29% of them have one or both parents who are undocumented immigrants. That means only about 6.4% of all children under age 6 have an illegal alien as a parent.

    TV station KVOA got it WRONG, and they won't change their page. I've read the relevant sections of the Urban League report, available at http://www.urban.org/urlprint.cfm?ID=9161.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:18 AM  

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