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"€œGod willing, with the force of God behind it, we shall soon experience a world
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Friday, June 10, 2005

Is There a Growing Threat of Terror From South of Border ?

Intelligence analysts monitoring Islamic Khalifat and jihad proliferation ambitions, were not the least bit astonished when the news broke about the discovery of an "al-Qaida community" in Lodi, California, and the subsequent arrests of five (to date) suspects.

Are there other Al-Qaida communities in the U.S. that have organized affiliations to others in Mexico and Central America?

Yes, according to some who say, the Lodi arrests are just the tip of the iceberg. There are strong suspicions that there could be an extremely large jihadi network in North America.

In western Canada where an academic meeting took place, one of the intelligence researchers who took part in this intelligence conference stated, "South of the Rio Grande Valley there exists a dire situation.” He echoed what other experts attending this conference said, and warn us that jihadi ideas are taking root in Mexico virtually without any obstruction, and nearing epidemic proportions in some areas.

There is all but zero cooperation between Mexico's Vicente Fox and the U.S. Homeland Security relative to the war on terror, and any such claims should be disregarded as political rhetoric only.

Not only that, but there is no data, no accurate data anyway, on the flourishing Islamic groups in Mexico; and the follow ups of this militant version of Islam that is growing and developing is even less successful than their achievements in fighting drugs, illegal immigrants and violent gang members. And we all know how effective/serious they are on these matters.

This is a serious threat that could (1) endanger our security and the very basic sense of safety of the American way of life, and (2) determine fundamental socio-economic structures in the U.S.

"Small, sometimes clandestine Islamic clubs in Mexico, usually disguised as cultural groupings, are on the increase. Information on ways to cross the U.S. and Mexican border and where to go, including recommended U.S. states and so-called asylum cities has actually already reached all corners of the jihadi Khalifat world. Some documents found in Pakistan, and more information from Iraq and Lebanon, proves jihadists are aware they are in danger of being detected when they use legitimate ports of entry to the U.S. Therefore they prefer to reach their sympathizers in Mexico and then penetrate the U.S. together with hundreds of thousands of Mexicans, drug lords and gang members."

"Entering the U.S. is so easy it's an embarrassment to immigration authorities. As one Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer said: 'What’s the point of having old ladies remove their shoes at air port security checks when all it takes to carry a small package of the potent Ricin poison into the U.S. is a friendly Mexican jihadist escorting you on a dark moonless night across the porous U.S.-Mexican border.' "

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