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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Judge Luttig

Hugh Hewitt thinks Judge Luttig is a very likely nominee to replace Chief Justice Rehnquist whose retirement might be imminent.

Judge Luttig: Indispensable Freedom
"Even in a society of laws, one of the most indispensable freedoms is that to express in the most impassioned terms the most passionate disagreement with the laws themselves, the institutions of and created by, law, and the individual officials with whom the laws and the institutions are entrusted. Without the freedom to criticize that which constrains, there is no freedom at all."
--- Judge Michael Luttig
Rice v. Palladin (4th Circuit, 1997)

Hugh also thinks Judge John Roberts would likely be the choice for the second spot should there be a second spot on the Supreme Court.

Confirmthem thinks Judge Michael W. McConnell could be President Bush's choice.


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