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Monday, July 18, 2005

What Causes Terrorism

Dr. Demarche at The Daily Demarche writes, "I have long argued that the favorite leftist mantra that poverty causes terrorism is easily proved wrong by the vast preponderance of amazingly poor people who do NOT blow themselves up on a regular basis in order to seek a better life for their people."

He then goes on to post a couple excerpts from a fine piece written by Thomas Friedman.
But virtually all suicide bombers, of late, have been Sunni Muslims. There are a lot of angry people in the world. Angry Mexicans. Angry Africans. Angry Norwegians. But the only ones who seem to feel entitled and motivated to kill themselves and totally innocent people, including other Muslims, over their anger are young Sunni radicals.
And this from Friedman:
Some of these young Muslim men are tempted by a civilization they consider morally inferior, and they are humiliated by the fact that, while having been taught their faith is supreme, other civilizations seem to be doing much better," said Raymond Stock, the Cairo-based biographer and translator of Naguib Mahfouz. "When the inner conflict becomes too great, some are turned by recruiters to seek the sick prestige of 'martyrdom' by fighting the allegedly unjust occupation of Muslim lands and the 'decadence' in our own."
The "good Doctor" then expresses that he is "glad to see an Arabist promote this idea. Shame and humiliation coupled with religious indoctrination are easily forged into hate."

'Tis hard for HeavyHanded to disagree.


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