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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Globally - Are We Starving, or are We Fat ?

My son came home from school today (he is in 8th grade - my only son - and the last of four children) and asked Mrs. HeavyHanded if she was aware that George Bush was causing obesity?

"WHAT?" Mrs. H.H. yelped. (Son starts to cackle, and smirks devilishly.) Mrs. H.H. demands to know more. Son, knowing he is getting the results he anticipated, says "yep - that's what my homework handout says."

When HeavyHanded intersects with Mrs. HH and Little HeavyHanded, they show me the printed article/homework. It was taken from some website unfamiliar to me called NewsTarget.com.

For anyone interested in seeing that particular article on "Obesity", this is the link. To think this is being passed off as something being worthy, educational material, is quite astonishing. Comments anyone?


  • Well now, where to begin. That, more and more, is becoming the problem when confronted by such liberal nonsense as this. The breadth and scope of their faulty reasoning, misrepresentations and ulterior motives is so vast, interwoven and self-servingly circular that there is no starting point from which to launch a repudiation.

    “Certainly, it has dire consequences to an individual,…,But the costs of obesity go far beyond individual costs -- they extend to the nation as a whole.” So, it is bad enough that fat people do themselves harm but the real problem is the cost to the rest of us?

    It strikes me that this entire article precisely articulates the case against socialism in general and socialized medicine in particular. Why has this ‘obesity crisis’ struck us now as opposed to, say, thirty or so years ago before the increased socialization of healthcare isolated individuals from the financial consequences of their behavior? Socialism is, specifically, the sharing of economic burden. What the article complains about is socialism working. The article makes this very point itself, “Why? Because many of the health care procedures performed in the United States are paid for by taxpayer dollars.” BINGO!

    We do not engage in preventative medicine because it would reduce the healthcare industry’s profits? Well, if that is your concern then go right ahead and practice preventative medicine and hit those scoundrels right in their pocketbook. ‘ They’ don’t teach obesity prevention? Nonsense!, every overweight person who has ever visited a doctor has been told to loose weight. We are inundated with articles such as this and commercials from, (profit seeking), corporations on the reasons and means to loose weight. “Give the power back to the individual”? More nonsense, you have the power, use it!

    How did people cope prior to this ‘obesity crisis’? Who taught them? Perhaps their pocketbooks? Actions, you see, have consequences; some good and some bad. To the extent that the consequences are bad, those actions are thereby discouraged. To the extent that those bad consequences are economic and to the further extent that those economic consequences are mitigated by socialism, such discouragement is diminished. That is the problem with socialism, it diminishes the extent to which individuals are discouraged from harmful behavior and encouraged to constructive behavior.

    I won’t even get into the specious , shallow and revealing ’its Bush’s fault’ twaddle.

    By Anonymous Anotmo, at 9:12 AM  

  • Well said, as usual, Anotmo. It reeks of liberal nonsense. This “op-ed” piece being passed as news and educational material gave me the impression that it was written by some amateurish in-training editor wannabe.....well like those who write for the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

    You are precisely correct when you say, “The breadth and scope of their faulty reasoning, misrepresentations and ulterior motives is so vast, interwoven and self-servingly circular that there is no starting point from which to launch a repudiation.”

    It was so over the top...so alarmist... “The sky is falling, the sky is falling!” But,this is the approach the left uses all the time.

    It struck me, as well, that while the writer pulls no punches and displays his/her dislike of capitalism, and promotes the idea of socialism without coming out and saying so, but turns around and destroys the idea of socialism, again without actually saying it, by
    railing on the burden of cost sharing ......it left me wondering what side of the fence they were on.

    It does really argue the case against socialized medicine, and I dare say, I doubt that it is what the author intended. Heh, heh.

    Let’s not overlook this pearl from the author as he refers to the U.S. as, “ a population that has become the most diseased group of people in the history of human civilization.

    I must say, I am proud of “Little Heavy” for seeing through this liberal drivel at such a tender age. (Even though he knowlingly was pushing Mrs. HH’s buttons, the little devil. I wonder where he gets that from?)

    By Blogger HeavyHanded, at 10:16 AM  

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