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"€œGod willing, with the force of God behind it, we shall soon experience a world
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Monday, October 31, 2005

Hugh Hewitt blogs: Schumer Hits Bottom

Chuck Schumer just argued that it is possible that Judge Alito, as Justice Alito, would roll back the achievements of Rosa Parks. That can only be understood as Schumer's belief that Judge Alito could find segregationist policies acceptable under the constitution. While it is undeniable that the nomination of Robert Byrd would have raised such a question, it is preposterous and indeed base to even hint at such a thing about a distinguished judge and public servant.

Schumer's argument for delay is as predictable as it is unpersuasive. Chairman Specter needs to knock down this noonsense today.

I also heard Schumer today say that it was a shame the President named someone who would divide the country.... not unite it. I have heard these same assinine comments before coming from the left.

G*@!* d&!@ it!

What in the *&*@!* blazes are they talking about?

When in the *@!@!*# did it become the Supreme Courts job to unite the *!*&@!* country?

How in the %$#@!* are they going to do this anyway?

When in our past history did we have this *^#@!*# nirvana ... when were we all of like mind?


@!*@! never. That's when.

Whew! My fingers are still mad.... but my mind is now clear and at peace.

That is all. Thanks for listening. I need a new keyboard.


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