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"€œGod willing, with the force of God behind it, we shall soon experience a world
without the United States and Zionism."€ -- Iran President Ahmadi-Nejad

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Is War With Iran Inevitable ?

A reader commenting on my posting of a news article about the Mullahs turning their nuclear program over to the military, was left wondering whether it was better, or worse, than having the Mullahs controlling them? He called it a "very uncomfortable situation." He also felt it was quite clear that Iranians want more democracy than what they presently have and was hoping that we (the U. S.) have the resources devoted to supporting a popular resistance in Iran. He then asked, "How can we help them?"

My initial response was that it, indeed, was an uncomfortable situation and as to whether it's better for the army or the mullahs' to control the nuclear material, was a tough question. I've read that Iran could be as far as 6 years from actually having nuclear missiles, and some analysts say it could be much sooner than that.

But no one knows really. But it does underscore what any rational, objective, honest, and clear thinking person should have been able to deduce on their own; and that is that this talk about "non-military use only" was bunk.

The younger Iranian population is very pro West from everything I see, but I think we are many years away from any civil war/revolt. I feel "something else" will happen before then. I don't know that we can sit idly by and wait for this revolution to happen.

Dr. Jack Wheeler, whose opinion I respect, has a somewhat similar opinion and he seems to agree with me in large part. Let's set the table:

He thinks it's probably wishful thinking that a Democratic Revolution will take place and overthrow the Mullahs and their fascist beliefs in the short term. He wonders if we are running out of time for this revolution take place? So far we have resisted a military confrontation; but will our ability to resist confrontation with Iran be overtaken by events?

Overtaken by events? What, pray tell, do you mean?

Well, you see, Marx believed in an idea -- "a correlation of forces" -- which can be loosely defined as a convergence or coming together of a number of factors or a set of circumstances the right way at the right time causing a particular and an almost unavoidable event or outcome to occur.

No matter how much we would like to avoid a war with Iran, especially with our hands full in Iraq, soon we'll have no other choice. While trying to hold Iran to account for being "an enemy of civilization," George Bush has been able to shy away from any sort of actual military confrontation with the Tehran Mullacracy.

But his efforts will be in vain for it is soon to be overtaken by events.

Wheeler predicts, "War is coming between America and Iran because the mullahs in Tehran see war as their only hope of keeping their power. They see war as the only way to prevent the coming democratic revolution that will sweep them away. They have convinced themselves that - – get ready -– that it is a war they can win, that Iran can militarily defeat the United States of America."

While the U.S. positions, makes threats, and warns Iran about their "bad behavior" and their nuclear quest, Tehran thumbs its' nose, thusly:

Iran sponsors Al-Zarqawi’s terrorism upon Iraqi Shias; Iran orders Muqtada al-Sadr to have his Shia militia attack British troops in Basra; Iran announces that the Revolutionary Guards will be running Iran’s nuclear program; Iran orchestrates the coordination of the alliance between Hamas, Islamc Jihad, and Hezbollah to wage terror in Israel.

Just as some believe that the U.S. fell into Bin Laden's trap of getting the U.S. involved in a war in Iraq, Tehran may be goading the U.S. into an overt military attack, so they have an excuse to initiate an all-out Hezbollah and Hamas rocket and suicide attack on Israel, while at the same time, "closing the Straits of Hormuz so no oil gets out of the Gulf, pouring in Revolutionary Guard troops (already pre-positioned) invading southern Iraq to 'protect our fellow Shias' from chaos caused by Iran in the first place."

If Israel or the US does not oblige them by attacking its nuke plants, the mullahs will use other tactics to draw us into war, such as "invading southern Iraq in response to the US bombing terrorist sanctuaries in a 'brother Islamic state', Syria, or sponsoring civil war chaos in southern Iraq to completely intolerable levels."

"However much Bush wants to avoid it, however much he hopes his rhetoric will be dissuasive, war with Iran is coming fast. The mullahs see they have no choice but to force the war in Iraq to a head by a war with them."


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