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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Dutch Police Foil Attack on El Al

A news report from the Jerusalem Post via LGF:

Dutch police have apparently foiled a plot to shoot down an El Al airplane. (Hat tip: Uncle Sticky.)

Dutch television announced on Friday that Netherlands police arrested a youth who allegedly intended to shoot down an El Al airplane at Schipool Airport outside of Amsterdam.

Samir Azuz, 19, a Dutch citizen of Moroccan descent, was arrested with six other co-conspirators, Israel Radio reported.

According to the Netherlands intelligence service, the suspects enlisted the cooperation of two employees at an office near Schipool in order to perform reconnaissance. They also acquired weapons.

Reports revealed that Azuz, apparently expecting to die while bringing down the airplane, had prepared a videotape saying goodbye to his parents.

Approximately six months ago Azuz was acquitted on charges of attempting to vandalize a nuclear power plant in the Netherlands.


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