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Heavy-Handed Politics

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Fueling Outrage
The media love David and Goliath stories, and they’ve manufactured another one pitting the Poor Innocent Consumer vs. Big Bad Oil. The problem is, oil companies didn’t set the prices that led to their recent high profits. That was the work of old-fashioned market forces. Now angry consumers and politicians want to hit the companies with new taxes, which would limit the gasoline supply – ironically, the opposite of their goal to make gas more accessible.

Herman Cain: Punishing Profits
Politicians on the left and the right are calling for a “windfall profits tax” on oil companies’ earnings. But in America’s free market, there should be no limits to success. We work hard so that we can enjoy the fruits of our labors – and the government takes enough of that away from us already.

As oil becomes more expensive, oil sands and oil shale could become the next viable energy source.

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Commentary: They never learn… commentary from Investor’s Business Daily on the failures of government meddling in energy markets.


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