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Saturday, November 12, 2005


Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler
Friday, 11 November 2005

That the Washington Post is traitorously on the side of the Jihadi terrorists and against America was further demonstrated on November 2nd when the paper ran the front page headline story, CIA Holds Terror Suspects in Secret Prisons.

To disclose supremely classified information that the CIA operates a number of prisons for Jihadis in Eastern Europe is an unbelievable compromise of national security. The WaPo reporter who wrote the story, Dana Priest, should go to jail for treason, along with the WaPo editors who approved it.

The CIA has requested a formal Justice Department inquiry into the source of the classified information to the press. The House Intelligence Committee has announced it will hold hearings to investigate the leak. This is infinitely more serious than the Plamegate farce.

Note, however, that the Senate will not, as of yet, hold hearings. That’s because the leak to the WaPo has been traced to a meeting of Republican Senators – no staffers, just the Ego Boys themselves. In a story about Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist’s reluctance to join with the House, the Capitol Hill newspaper The Hill revealed:

“GOP aides conjectured privately that Frist’s delay… may have been caused by concern over the possibility of endangering a Republican senator by calling for the investigation.”

That Senator is John McCain.

If it turns out that John McCain leaked classified information incredibly damaging to American security to a Washington Post reporter about a CIA program – McCain is not only finished as a candidate for the presidency. He is going to jail.

I don’t know for sure if the leaker was McCain. What I can tell you is that’s the major buzz right now among Republican staffers on the north side of Capitol Hill. You heard it here first, and if it’s true, it could happen to a bigger jerk – oh, I mean nicer guy.

Ps: There are some things heading Johnny’s way that will simply annihilate his candidacy (for the president). Annihilate as in Hiroshima or the horde of Genghiz Khan. This isn’t it. There’s more yet to come.

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