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Heavy-Handed Politics

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Sunday, November 27, 2005

WHO promoting more junk science?

In an article from the Washington Post and be carried by the Canton Repository, it is being argued that global warming is fueling disease rates worldwide according to health and climate scientists at the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

They arrived at their conclusions after inserting the information they accumulated on climate-sensitive diseases into mapping software. They lament:
“Those most vulnerable to climate change are not the ones responsible for causing it. Our energy-consumptive lifestyles are having lethal impacts on other people around the world, especially the poor."
Not everyone is sold on their conclusions:
"Some experts, however, questioned whether it was fair to attribute death and illness in the developing world to global warming."

“Wealth is the number-one factor in determining vulnerability or adaptability of a country to any of the threats out there,” said John Christy, a climatologist who directs the Earth System Science Center at the University of Alabama at Huntsville. Christy, who lived in Kenya in the mid-1970s, added, “Thug-ocracies and other non-democratically accountable governments ... have no real incentive to create a healthy populace with free markets, and therefore free people.”

Full article.


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