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Friday, December 02, 2005

Terrorist group threatens Sweden and EU
The jihad group known as Jamaat At-Tawheed wal'Jihad Al-Swied has released a video statement giving Europe a final warning to withdraw from Muslim lands or face the consequences.

The Sweden based group issued the warning after Swedish military officials backed a proposal to send more troops into Afghanistan after militants injured 4 Swedish peacekeepers with a roadside bomb. The group gave several reasons for the warning published on a pro-jihad website, including this statement:

"Two days ago a Swedish Army Jeep was destroyed by a roadside bomb in an attack by the victorious Mujahideen in Afghanistan. Rest assured more is coming. We have warned them, you have witnessed it and Allah is my witness that we warned them when we published our last statement on September 26, 2005."

Terror cells related to the group have been arrested in recent days operating in Bosnia where 16 kg of explosives were found along with laptops and documents linked back to Scandinavia.

Source: Intelligence-Summit


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