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Friday, January 06, 2006

Night Raid!

By Shawn Macomber

MOSUL, Iraq -- It isn't as if American soldiers are expecting sissy embedded journalists to be warrior souls, but one still imagines most fearless (okay, scared witless) correspondents must strive to acquit themselves with a bit more aplomb than I was able to muster on my first night raid of a suspected terrorist hideout last week in the heart of Sunni Mosul.

As we closed in on the target the call to disembark from the Stryker armored personnel carrier came a bit too suddenly for me. In my haste I first got caught on the vehicle's fire extinguisher, tearing a mile wide hole in the back of my pants. I immediately followed this up by cracking my helmet festooned head into the steel lip of the Stryker's door, like some giant stumbling around a McDonald's play area.

Shawn Macomber is a embedded Boston-based freelance writer. Read the rest here.


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