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"€œGod willing, with the force of God behind it, we shall soon experience a world
without the United States and Zionism."€ -- Iran President Ahmadi-Nejad

Monday, February 06, 2006

Al-Qaeda Frees 23 Mujahideen From Yemen Prison In Precision Operation

Saudi Arabia and Jordan nervous they will be targets.

From Jihad Unspun.

While Yemen issued arrest warrants and sought Interpol’s help yesterday in an attempt to recapture the 23 Al-Qaeda operatives who were freed from a Sanaa prison on Friday, the sophisticated jail break operation depicts Al-Qaeda’s ability to penetrate any system with ease.

The Al-Qaeda operatives, including 13 from the 2000 bombing of the US naval destroyer USS Cole and the 2002 attack on the French oil tanker Limburg off the coast of Yemen, were freed late Friday from a jail at intelligence headquarters in the southern Sanaa suburb of Hadda.

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