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Friday, February 17, 2006

Now We Must Hate Ourselves

A few days ago I posted an article on multiculturalism, i.e. political correctness, that was written, not by me, but by Mr. William S. Lind, Director for the Center for Cultural Conservatism of the Free Congress Foundation. A commenter left a "not so politically correct" comment and called me and idiot and a racist.

The Daily Ablution apparently has recently experienced a similar situation. He has a good post Cultural Equivalence is Self-Hatred - Now We Must All Hate Ourselves .

His politcally correct commenter basically was making the argument that the bigotry that has in the past expressed itself as racism now takes the form of "culturism" - the evil, misguided view that some cultures are morally superior to others in an absolute sense - and that this new bigotry must be resisted, as racism was.

The Daily Ablution correctly points out that those on the left believe all cultures are equal and it is now their goal to seek and to "impose a stigma equivalent to that of 'racist' upon those who argue that some cultures are inherently superior to others."

Further, he states:

"To my mind, the argument of cultural equivalence is rather easily rebutted, along the following lines:

  • Every culture must surely consist of both good and bad characteristics; and,
  • It is so unlikely as to be impossible that the proportion of good to bad in every culture on earth is precisely equal, given that they're so "diverse"; ergo, some cultures are superior to others."
Go read the rest, he makes some other good points.


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