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Heavy-Handed Politics

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Thursday, February 02, 2006

UN Rights Office Blames All Sides for Suffering in Nepal

According to a story in the Voice of America News, the Nepal populace is suffering at the hands of government troops, the politicians and the Maoist communist rebels.

They have elections scheduled for next week, but that is not seen as anything that will alleviate the problem.

"Ordinary people are vulnerable to the Maoists coming at one time, requiring them to feed them, tax them, extort money, perhaps accuse some of them of being collaborators with the government and the security forces. And then the security forces come and the people are equally vulnerable…to being accused of having supported the Maoists. So it's really been a terrible situation, I think, for ordinary villagers caught in the middle of that," said Ian Martin, who is the head of the U.N. human rights office in Nepal.



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