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Monday, March 13, 2006

Contract With America: Renewed

From Heritage Foundation.

America's fiscal policy is headed for an iceberg. But the House Republican Study Committee's budget proposal--dubbed the Contract With America: Renewed--offers a serious course correction, writes Brian Riedl.

The RSC budget would cut hundreds of billions of dollars in projected spending by slowing the growth of government to rates last seen in the 1990s.

Its main proposals are all based on common sense: cut corporate pork and unnecessary programs, give states greater control over education, roads, and healthcare, and reform Medicare along market-based lines.

Not all these reforms will be popular, Riedl allows, but consider the alternative: an economy-crippling $7,000 per household tax hike in 10 years to balance the budget.

Read RSC Budget Provides Serious Blueprint for Spending Restraint by Brian M. Riedl


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