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Friday, April 21, 2006

Clothing Made From Corn May Begin New Trend

(WCCO News) In the tiny town of Benson, Minn., sits a company on the cutting edge of the fashion industry.

Many of the shirts sewn at Future Products Incorporated look like typical golf shirts, but they are very different.

"It's made of corn," said Lenz.

He’s talking about the Renew Apparel line of clothing.

Here’s a simplistic explanation of how the process works. Kernels of corn are transformed into tiny beads then pressed into a thread. That work is done mainly in Nebraska. It winds up in Benson as rolls of fabric.

“It feels like cotton. It's comfortable like cotton. But it performs like the high-tech fabrics on the market today," said Lenz.

This fabric is also naturally wrinkle resistant. It wicks away moisture and doesn't shrink even after several washings.

"To produce the product you're seeing today takes 50 percent less greenhouse gases than the synthetic counterparts on the market today," said Lenz.

These shirts are also completely biodegradable. Once they are thrown away, they break down into carbon dioxide and water.


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