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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Dog That Isn't Barking

By Hugh Hewitt
Beyond the News

"A half dozen retired generals have been very vocal in their criticisms of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld this past week. The current and former chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff have rebutted the criticisms, and retired Chair of the Joint Chiefs Richard Myers has gone on television to deplore what is in his view an erosion of the long-standing traditions of the military when it comes to politics.

The generals critical of Rumsfeld are, of course, within their First Amendment rights to speak, but it is important that the media take note of the dog that isn't barking in this instance, specifically the thousands of the estimated 4,700 retired generals and admirals that are not stepping forward to blast away at Rumsfeld. On Monday, the Wall Street Journal published a piece by generals representative of this vast majority who support Rumsfeld."

(Emphasis mine-HH)

MSM won't be taking note soon, if ever, about the thousands of retired generals that are not speaking up, as that doesn't help advance their cause. Hopefully, we the people, are astute enough to pick up on this fact on our own - the "old media" has NO interest in doing so.


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