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Monday, April 17, 2006

The Generals War

What's behind the attacks against Rumsfeld?

So when did Generals cease to be responsible for outcomes in war? We ask that question amid the latest calls by certain retired senior military officers for Donald Rumsfeld to resign over U.S. difficulties in Iraq.


  • So, when did the Left start supporting the Military attempting to influence who their Civilian superiors would be? Would the Left now like the Military to run foreign affairs?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:17 PM  

  • This is no great revelation on my part, but one has to wonder why they are speaking out, why now, and is there some other personal reasons to their recent posturing rather than just the customary "Bush is dumb - Cheney is evil - Rumsfeld is a war mongerer - Rice is an inept token black" - mantra.

    First, we should recognize there are thousands of retired generals that haven't spoken out at all- one way or the other.

    These 6 or 7 that have, obviously know the media is going to run with it and hype it all they can. And they know further because of this, that this will not be helpful to Bush and Rumsfeld, but also will not be helpful to the mission on the ground in Afghanistan, and Iraq and most cetainly will have some negative impact on those who are serving in those two countries.

    Why then would they do this? As some like to say, "It's not always as it seems."

    Self-serving reasons would be my guess.

    Anybody who thinks all military personnel are Republicans are in bad need of some "analytical couch time." And the left has shown a penchant to "use people" to advance their cause and quite adept at it too, I might add.

    Are they the most recent pawns of the left? The new Cindy Sheehans?

    Do they have an axe to grind with Bush/Rumsfeld? Do they have political aspirations now that they are out of the military?

    I am quite certain Anotmo your questions were rhetorical in nature. But to answer the questions, the Left does not now support the military attempting to influence who their Civilian superiors should be; they (the left) want that right.

    The left would not want the military to run foreign affairs (they don't support the military much in anything they do) but they, the left, want to run foreign affairs.

    It is their elitist mentality that they have this birth right to run the country. "Methinks" these retired generals are todays 'useful idiots' of the left.

    By Blogger HeavyHanded, at 5:22 PM  

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