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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Insurgents launch rocket attacks on Turkish targets


ANKARA — Kurdish insurgents have begun using rockets in Turkey.

Officials said the Kurdish Workers Party has acquired rocket-propelled grenades for strikes against government and police targets in Turkey. They said the RPGs have come from neighboring Iraq.

On late April 4, PKK fighters launched RPGs toward a police station in Bingol in southeastern Turkey, Middle East Newsline reported. Officials said a police officer was killed and seven others were injured.

It was the first report of the use of rockets, identified as the RP-7, by the PKK in its latest insurgency campaign. In 2005, the PKK declared a renewal of hostilities against Ankara.

On Wednesday, the office of the ruling Justice and Development [AKP] Party was rocked by an explosion. Three people were injured in the blast, which caused extensive damage to the party office in Istanbul.

The PKK has used A-4 plastic explosives in attacks. Officials said police found 10 kilograms of A-4 on April 4 in an Istanbul cemetery near the AKP office.


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