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Heavy-Handed Politics

"€œGod willing, with the force of God behind it, we shall soon experience a world
without the United States and Zionism."€ -- Iran President Ahmadi-Nejad

Saturday, April 22, 2006


Dr. Jack Wheeler has come up with an intriquing idea. Here is what he recently wrote.
If Ronald Reagan were President today, he would be puzzled over the entire debate on "illegal immigration." He would recognize that just like the Cold War, the liberals are arguing for appeasement and the conservatives for containment. He would be asking conservatives, "Don't you fellows realize that just playing defense doesn't work?"

Of course, defense is critical. You've got to prevent the other team from scoring touchdowns. So you've got to build the fence authorized by the Sensenbrenner bill in the House. You've got to shut the border down regarding the illegal flood. You've got to disallow illegals (and, yes, their children) from access to government benefits.

There are many other things you can do to defend America from this invasion - but, the crucial but for Ronald Reagan, would be we can't just play defense. We've got to go on the offense.

Which means an offense against Mexico. Not with guns and soldiers, but with ideas and information. "To explain the truth and go on an ideological offensive against the Soviet Union," Reagan would say, "we had Radio Free Europe beamed to the Soviet colonies of Eastern Europe, and Radio Liberty beamed to people within the Soviet Union itself."

"So, obviously," Reagan would conclude, "now you need a Radio Free Mexico beamed to the people of Mexico for the purpose of liberating them from the socialism, poverty, and corruption in their country that drives them to leave it."

RFM - Radio Free Mexico - would have programs explaining why Mexico is so poor. It isn't because the US stole half of Mexico's land (and the half with all the paved roads, as the joke goes). It's because of a lack of economic freedom and rule of law.

RFM would explain the history of Mexico. That it was a creation of Imperial Spain, not the Aztecs. The Aztec Empire was very small, an area in central Mexico smaller than the US state of New Mexico. Not only was it small, it was short - initiated in the 1420s, expanding for about 90 years, then liberated by Cortez.

RFM would explain the monstrously murderous evil of the Aztec Empire, and how Cortez was a liberator, not a conqueror. The subsequent conquistadors from Spain were tyrannical, yet for all their oppression of native Mexican peoples, they never approached a fraction of bloody Aztec horror.

RFM would explain what it will take for the poverty-stricken masses of Mexico to become prosperous - what it will take to create the social, political, and economic conditions of wide-spread wealth-creation.

RFM would provide continuous examples of corruption, naming names of corrupt officials, politicians, and monopolistic businessmen.

The goal of RFM would be to change the culture of Mexico from one of corrupt poverty-creation to one of lawful wealth-creation. This is ultimately the only way to end the invasion of Mexican illegals into America: create a successful Mexico.

Who in their right mind would leave their own country to try and make a living on menial wages in a foreign land, when they can become prosperous in their own country?

If RFM does it right, we can even reverse the flood, with Mexican illegals streaming back to Mexico where they can make more money than in America.

To do it right, RFM cannot be a Gringo project. The key would be to create programming using Mexican free market intellectuals, to empower Mexico's anti-socialist intelligentsia (of whom there are plenty albeit unheard) talking to their fellow Mexicans in their own cultural vernacular.

Then you set up RFM as a surrogate Mexican FM station broadcasting in Mexico City, Monterrey, Vera Cruz, and other major population centers. That is, you purchase available bandwidth on existing FM stations in these cities, which become RFM re-broadcast affiliates.

The whole thing could be set up for a half-million dollars, which means with private money and no US government funding or involvement.

So Dr. Jack Wheeler, in cooperation with the Freedom Research Foundation (which he is president of) and some other of his friends in Washington will be raising the private capital to launch and operate a Radio Free Mexico.

Only by playing offense, not just defense, can we prevent the second civil war, keep America intact, and actually solve the now-enormous problem of illegal alien invasion into our country.

Winning the Cold War required liberating the Soviet Empire. Winning the war of illegal invasion requires liberating Mexico. That's the lesson Ronald Reagan would have us learn. That's the promise of a Radio Free Mexico.

So RFM is now in the process of forming a Board of Advisors, several of whom helped run Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty in the Reagan years and were thus instrumental in collapsing the Soviet Empire.

Hopefully within a few days, they will have completed a proposal for a feasibility study, which will determine such things as the scope of the audience, the themes for programs, identifying Mexican free market intellectuals, what the technical requirements are, etc. They have already had offers for funding the study.

The study should take about 90-120 days to complete, so by September they should see a clear plan on launching RFM.

RFM will focus on Reconquista as a ridiculous pipe-dream fantasy. For Mexicans to create prosperity and opportunity for themselves, they have to abandon such fantasies, focusing instead on the corrupt reality of their country and how to change it for the better.

Thus a primary theme of RFM will be responsibility: Mexicans assuming responsibility for the future of their country - which means staying in or returning to Mexico and working to achieve economic freedom and success.


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