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Monday, May 08, 2006

Prince Marries Prince

By Albert Mohler
Beyond the News

Parents now have something entirely new to worry about: What is being read to your kids in the public schools? Robin Wirthlin, mom of a 7-year-old student at Estabrook Elementary School in Lexington, Massachusetts found that out the hard way. Her son came home and told of being read the book, King & King at school.

The book is about a prince that marries another prince, rather than a princess. It's a straightforward attempt to normalize same-sex marriage, packaged as a fairy tale. "My son is only seven years old," said Wirthlin. "By presenting this kind of issue at such a young age, they're trying to indoctrinate our children. They're intentionally presenting this as a norm, and it's not a value that our family supports."

The school system insists that all this is in its mission, and the school will not allow parents to opt out their children from such instruction. Now we know what parents are up against.


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