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Friday, June 02, 2006

Radical Activism

By Hugh Hewitt
Beyond The News

In California, gay and lesbian activists have targeted the curriculum of public schools as a primary path for radical new demands outside of the mainstream.

The state legislature has passed three bills that would mainline gay and lesbian advocacy in various forms into textbooks and other school curriculum areas. Governor Schwarzenegger has already announced his intention to veto SB 1437 which would've mandated rewrites of textbooks to include gay-themed history, but he has not yet announced his positions on AB 606 and AB 1056 which also micromanage local school policy to advance the belief systems of the Sacramento gay rights caucus.

We applaud the governor's announcement of his intent to veto the first bill, but urge him to quickly announce his intention to do so on the other two as well.

These three bills threaten local control of the public schools, making them pawns of the special interests while mandating radical moral education that parents, overwhelmingly, believe ought to be done at home.


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