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Saturday, July 22, 2006

IDF’s next target: ‘Hizbullah villages’

Army boosting ground incursion in upcoming days in south Lebanon villages with aim of 'cleaning out' Hizbullah strongholds. Elite units to deploy to problematic villages such as ‘Hizbullah capital’ Bint Jabel.

The IDF prepared Saturday night to boost ground operations in south Lebanon villages, with the aim of “cleaning out” Hizbullah strongholds. The IDF has already taken control of the village Marun a-Ras north of Avivim in the eastern sector, as well as a few other Lebanese villages known to harbor Hizbullah infrastructure. Currently, the IDF is moving in with fire and surveillance on Bint Jabel, which is considered to be the “Hizbullah capital”.

The IDF was preparing to carry on operations, after an intense day of violence Saturday during which northern Israel was hit by at least 150 rockets.

On Saturday the Air Force struck over 90 terror targets in Lebanese territory. Since the beginning of operations in Lebanon, roughly 2,000 terror targets across Lebanon were hit and over 4,000 sorties were carried out, according to the army. Among the targets hit Saturday: Hizbullah buildings, tunnels, communication systems and Katyusha launch sites.

On Saturday the Herev battalion operated in Marwahin, about two kilometers into southeast Lebanon, and discovered a great deal of Hizbullah weapons there. While forces were operating, shells were fired at them from a neighboring village. The Air Force was prepared to back up troops operating on the ground. After difficult battles the army also took control of Marun a-Ras.

“We searched through the village carefully, we went house to house, and we found three sites where Hizbullah operatives had been hiding out. We could tell by the flak jackets, helmets, and even the cups of coffee still sitting on the table – but the Hizbullah men apparently fled when we entered. We also found a lot of ammunitions, including weapons, Lau rocket launchers in the yard of a mosque, binoculars, and various rockets,” said battalion commander Lt. Col. Wajadee.

An 80-year-old Lebanese man, who remained nearly alone in the town [of Herev], told soldiers that residents did not cooperate with Hizbullah, but Hizbullah forced themselves on the village and used the residents in operations against Israel.

This is just an example of what will take place in the next few days. More battalions will repeat the activities of the Herev battalion in other Lebanese villages throughout the south. Elite units will be dispatched to villages considered most problematic, such and Bint Jabel, while other forces will enter villages anticipated to be quieter." YNET NEWS


  • All terrorists need to be eliminated. We seem to have lost the stomach for it. Israel has taken the lead.
    You are either with us or your with the terrorists -- Said GW Bush shortly after 9/11.
    I hope that our over PC'd military take to heart the effort of Israel and renews the fight.

    By Blogger ablur, at 11:31 PM  

  • I'll second that.

    By Blogger HeavyHanded, at 11:34 PM  

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