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Friday, August 04, 2006

Hezbollah executes Lebanese 'collaborators'

Brazen display took place just feet from Israeli soldiers

The Galil Report is reporting:

"Hezbollah members yesterday executed several south Lebanese villagers it suspected of helping the Israeli army's military campaign, according to Israeli military sources.

The executions took place near Israeli positions at Bint Jbail, about two and a half miles from the Israel-Lebanon border. The village, which houses one of the largest Hezbollah infrastructures in close range to the Jewish state, was the scene last week of fierce fighting that left eight Israeli soldiers dead.

The Galil Report last week broke the story that during its initial incursion into Bin Jbail, the IDF received significant help from locals who did not flee ahead of the battle, according to military sources.

The sources said villagers provided the IDF with intelligence on the locations of Hezbollah members, buildings, institutions and, in one case, an underground bunker in which troops found war rooms with advanced eavesdropping and surveillance equipment made by Iran. The IDF also found large caches of weapons and communications devices.

"The locals see Hezbollah as having held them captive for years, using their village to fire rockets and plan attacks. They are eager to get Hezbollah out of their town," a military source told the Galil Report last week.

According to military officials, Hezbollah earlier this week took several locals from in and near Bint Jbail captive and executed them in front of dozens of witnesses yesterday just outside of town. Hezbollah accused those it executed of "collaborating" with Israel.

While the IDF was not within sight of the executions, it was operating within one-fifth of a mile from the execution site. Hezbollah continues to operate in and near Bint Jbail. About 50 to 100 Hezbollah members are thought to be in the immediate vicinity. The bodies of the executed villagers were retrieved by locals and returned to family members.

'It was a brazen display by Hezbollah,' said a military source."

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  • The ‘Galil Report’? Is that a Mid East version of the NYT’s? At least 'the peoples right to know' that those local villagers helped the IDF was preserved. I wonder if their actual names were published or was that not necessary as long some villagers were shot because some villagers helped?

    By Anonymous Anotmo, at 8:45 AM  

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