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"€œGod willing, with the force of God behind it, we shall soon experience a world
without the United States and Zionism."€ -- Iran President Ahmadi-Nejad

Saturday, September 23, 2006

How the "Anti-Bully/Pro-Victim" Mentality is Contributing to World War III, and the Only Reliable Solution

By Izzy Kalman, MS

The Current Crisis

With war raging between Hezbollah and Israel, years of American involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Islamic terrorist acts taking place throughout the world, it is certainly legitimate to question whether we are in the early stages of World War III. Unless there is a major change in the status quo in the Middle East, even when the current situation with Israel and Lebanon comes to an end, it will only be temporary. Fighting is bound to erupt again, possibly more catastrophically than ever before. Many people believe that the Bible prophesizes that Armageddon, the war to end all wars will begin in the Middle East, and that it is already beginning. I believe anyone who is pessimistic about the hope for world peace has a good reason to be.

Does this mean Civilization is bound to destroy itself through warfare? Not necessarily. I believe there is one hope. And only one hope. But first we need to understand how the psychology of warfare has changed in the new millennium. With the new rules of warfare, we will never win by using the warfare of old. The United States could not defeat the North Vietnamese with its superior military power. It's not winning in Iraq or Afghanistan with its superior power. Israel is losing in Lebanon and Gaza despite its superior military power. The rules of war have changed, and so must the tactics.

The New Nature of this War

Something has changed since the end of World War II. In the past, countries would win wars by virtue of their superior might. It would be foolish for a weak country to declare war on a stronger one because it would be quickly demolished. This is no longer true. Today, minor military powers are able to brazenly challenge world superpowers and win! What's going on?

This new situation is possible thanks to the strategy of “divide and conquer.” And "divide and conquer" in turn is made possible by the "anti-bully/pro-victim" mentality that has become the guiding philosophy not only of the average person but of our social and political scientists as well: the belief that imbalances of power are wrong and need to be eliminated; that the stronger one in a power struggle is the "bully" or "the bad guy" and the weaker is the "victim" or "the good guy"; and that morality equals "protecting victims from bullies." This philosophy is going to be our downfall. There is no such thing as a social organization without imbalances of power. It is both irrational and immoral to determine that the weaker side is automatically right and the stronger is automatically wrong. Yes, bullies may be bad, but victims are worse. Bullies want power; they are not looking to kill. It's when people feel like victims that they become truly dangerous. The worst acts of violence in the world are committed by people who feel like victims. They believe that blowing up people will gain them entrance to Heaven. The masses go to war not because they believe they are bullies but because they believe they are victims. But before I continue, there is another matter that needs clarification.

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