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Monday, October 09, 2006

Blair Joins United Nations in Condemning North Korea Nuclear Test: Calls it “completely irresponsible act”

Christian Today

"The United Nations Security Council has condemned North Korea’s claim of a successful nuclear test on Monday. At an emergency meeting the council demanded that the communist nation immediately return to six-party talks regarding its weapons program, a UN ambassador has reported.

The United States has also said that it will seek UN sanctions to curb North Korea's import and export of material that could be used to make and deliver weapons of mass destruction, as well as its illicit financial activities.

In addition, a document later presented to the press confirmed that the US had proposed a trade ban on all military and luxury items travelling into the country, as well as the power to inspect all cargo entering or leaving the country, and to freeze assets connected to North Korea’s weapons programs.

Joining the US in the strict stance were Britain and France, who stated that they would jointly seek a resolution under Chapter 7 of the UN Charter to request sanctions." More.

Notice Russia and China are absent from the the "strict stance" the aforementioned three countries took (no surprise here) and France most likely has one hand behind their back(s) with fingers crossed.


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