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Friday, October 20, 2006

Intimate Enemies: Pyongyang, Beijing, and the Nuclear Factor

China Matters writes:
"So, on top of disappointment and resentment, one can add duplicity and suspicion to the toxic stew of Chinese-North Korean relations. With China seduced by the power and wealth of South Korea and North Korea desperately and secretly flirting with any nation that will take a meeting, it looks like the shared interests and trust between Beijing and Pyongyang has virtually evaporated.

Because of a fundamental divergence of interests and the well-earned mutual distrust it has engendered, it appears that North Korea can no longer be persuaded that Beijing’s policy has Pyongyang’s best interests at heart.

Now China has decided it’s time to show the iron fist beneath the threadbare velvet glove.

What seems to have happened is that China has decided that the current North Korean regime is an unsuitable vehicle for the reliable promotion of Chinese interests, but that regime change or voluntary reform--on Chinese terms--is virtually impossible."

The post is a bit long but is an interesting read if you want to get another view on the China- NKorea relationship. Read Intimate Enemies: Pyongyang, Beijing, and the Nuclear Factor in it's entirety at China Matters.


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