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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Michael J. Fox Ads Inaccurate, Steele Says

"Actor and activist Michael J. Fox has been raising eyebrows by appearing in political ads endorsing candidates who support embryonic stem cell research, but a U.S. Senate candidate from Maryland is questioning the accuracy of Fox's statements.

In a new ad, Fox endorses U.S. Rep. Ben Cardin, a Democrat and candidate for the U.S. Senate. Fox charges that Republican candidate Michael Steele 'would put limits on the most promising stem cell research.' Cardin, he says, 'fully supports life-saving stem cell research.'

But Steele pointed out Tuesday that in July Cardin voted against a measure that would have allowed expanded stem cell research that did not destroy human embryos.

Steele said in a statement a Maryland newspaper, the Frederick News Post, reported on Sept. 6 that Cardin 'opposes suggestions that stem cell research is acceptable if the embryo isn't destroyed.' " Read on.


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