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Friday, October 27, 2006

North Korea Journal: North Korea: A Nice Place

At first I thought maybe this was written by Sean Penn, or Danny Glover, but it was written by some 23 year old person by the name of Gagan. (I'm assuming his last name is pronounced "gaggin", as in, "I'm gaggin' on his bullsh*t.") Well, maybe it is written by Sean and this is just his "Penn name." Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk:

North Korea Journal: North Korea: A Nice Place: "North Korea is a good place; however, I had to make a lot of effort to pay a visit this country. Since most of the part of North Korea is demilitarized, I did not feel easy to move around the city’s streets. It is really strange to be in the surroundings of Military people who keep staring at you while you visiting an attraction.

However, besides the demilitarized area, I visited some nice attractions in this country. And I must say that they all do have a special charm to attract visitors from all across the globe."

Needless to say, I am not convinced; and won't be traveling there ... soon ... in this lifetime.


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