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Friday, October 20, 2006

North Korea on Another Nuke Test: 'Watch What Happens'


"Oct. 20, 2006 — When asked whether his country would perform more nuclear tests in the coming weeks, North Korea's Vice Foreign Minister Kim Gye Gwan said to 'Good Morning America' that the world would have to watch the situation closely. 'I think you can closely watch what happens,' North Korea's chief negotiator at the six-party talks told Diane Sawyer today." Read the rest.

In an earlier post, right after the U.N. sanctions were passed, NKorea, indicated it wanted to return to the 6 party talks, and my response at that time was it did not take them long to do a '180', but my guess was that their policy reversal would not last long.

Well here we are a week and a half or so later and we are still pushing China to enforce the sanctions, China is "urging" (?) NKorea to return to multilateral talks, and NKorea saying the sanctions were a declaration of war, and threatening a second test.

So it appears I was right. So for those of you who were hysterically happy about sanctions and NKorea's pyscho-babble about returning to the six party talks ... here's a big, "I TOLD YOU SO".

Can anyone please give me a realistic, and plausible set of plans to deal with this problem. Right now I am still leaning towards the suggestion that Bejing place calls to the 200 or so top generals in the NKorea army and "order" a mysterical disappearance of Little Kim.


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