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Thursday, November 30, 2006

'Humanists' Challenge Voting Booths in Churches

The American Humanist Association on Wednesday announced the launch of the first "nontheistic" legal center in the nation's capital -- a direct response, it said, to the "influence exerted by the religious right under the Bush administration."

(I hate to break it to them..... but..... voting has been going on in churches in my area for a long time - well before Bush's Christian Gestapo came into power.)

The group said it is particularly concerned about "damage" to Thomas Jefferson's "wall of church-state separation."

(I think they are referring to the "wall of separation" clause that doesn't exist in the Constitution.)

The AHA's first legal project (lawsuit) stems from the midterm elections. The group is challenging the location of polling places in churches. While some churches cover their religious symbols on Election Day, others do not, and the AHA sees that as a major problem.

Humanists plan to argue that religious proselytizing took place at the polls. "We put out a call to our members whose polling places were churches, asking them to report what they saw," said AHA President Mel Lipman. "The response was shocking."

(I'll bet. Just how shocking was it? Well, let's see if they give us an example. Oh, here's one shocking example:)

An Illinois humanist says he voted in a church that displayed a four-foot wooden crucifix right above the election judges," said AHLC attorney James Hurley.

Oh, my G........!! It's a wonder they were able to vote. It must have took a lot of guts.... you know .... intestinal fortitude to be able to "pull the levers" under such duress.

To read the entire article and read other horrifying examples the AHLC could cite, go here.


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