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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Media: U.S. Should Throw Billions of Dollars at Global Warming

What will new Congress do? Though emissions-lowering programs have failed around the world, the media continue to embrace plans for more regulation that could crush the American economy.

SOURCE: Business & Media Institute

"How will the new Congress handle world pressure on the “dire” threat of global warming? If the media had their way, the United States would give in and join programs that are proven failures – costing taxpayers up to $180 billion per year in the process.

World leaders are meeting this week in Nairobi, Kenya, to discuss a new climate change agreement, and the idea du jour is to make the United States pay up.

The existing Kyoto Protocol, which the United States did not endorse, doesn’t expire until 2012, but the United Nations climate conference aims to decide where the world goes from that pact. Greenhouse gases’ contribution – indeed, humans’ contribution – to global warming remains very much in dispute, but that hasn’t stopped the left-wing crusade against carbon dioxide and other gases." Read more.

HeavyHanded wants to know if Pres. Bush will have any testicular fortitude left to fight the good fight and against ideas such as this, or is he going to lie down and give the Dems everything they want?


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