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Thursday, January 11, 2007

“North Korea’s Idolization - 40% of National Budget”

Enshrining Kim Il Song’s body at Kumsu Mountain Mausoleum - 890 million dollars
By Han Young Jin, Reporter from Pyongyang

"Seeing American news reports that 40% of North Korea’s national budget is spent on Kim Father and Son idolization propaganda, South Korean citizens are asking themselves if that much money could really be spent on that.

Up until now, the actual number of idolization figures and the amount of money allocated for them has not been revealed. However, when we look at the number and size of these idolization figures springing up all over North Korea, the fact that these represent a large dedicated portion of the national budget can be easily ascertained. If every kind of idolization propaganda item were put together, the number would equal several hundred times the number of crosses on churches throughout the South."

Read more at Daily NK.


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