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Heavy-Handed Politics

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Democrats’ Other War

By Pat Cleary

"Dominating the headlines these days -- and indeed virtually since the Democrats' takeover of the Congress in January -- has been news of their views on the prosecution of the war in Iraq. However, largely under the radar of press, public and pundits, the Dems have been prosecuting another multi-front war, this one on the nation's employers.

You'll recall from the outset that Pelosi & Company promised a new day, one bereft of partisanship -- and an agenda that would focus on the nation's problems. But their actions have belied their rhetoric. Right out of the gate, their '100 Hours' agenda -- a litany of poll-tested bromides -- included two corporate broadsides, HR 4 and HR 6.

HR 4 wagged a Congressional finger at 'big Pharma', requiring government negotiation of drug prices. Only problem is, the bill would actually result in government-set prices and fewer choices for people who need these important medicines. We know that because it's precisely what happened in the EU and at the VA where it was tried. No matter, it made for a good 30-second spot, the stuff that passes for policy in this era of drive-by debates. Big business as the bogeyman. We know how this one ends."

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