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Monday, April 16, 2007

French Security Police Probe Evangelical Churches
By Eva Cahen
CNSNews.com Correspondent

Paris, France (CNSNews.com) - Protestants in France have asked the country's national police intelligence service to explain why it has launched an investigation into evangelical churches.

Pastor Jean-Arnold de Clermont, president of the French Protestant Federation, told Cybercast News Service he had learned from several member churches that they had been contacted by the police service (the Renseignements Generaux or RG) and asked to pass along any information they had about evangelical churches in their region.

The RG has been sending Protestants a series of questions asking the names of evangelical churches and whether any of their activities might be causing harm.

'It is inadmissible that the RG should investigate evangelical churches,' said de Clermont. 'It is not part of their national mandate -- their mandate is to fight terrorism, prevent urban violence and other national threats against French society.

'The evangelical churches are not part of their mandate -- unless they are associated with terrorism,' he added." Continue reading....


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