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Heavy-Handed Politics

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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Scrapping the private ballot IS NOT the answer.

Don't Scrap the Private Ballot
By Ed Feulner

Democracy can be messy.

You find that in any number of stories about voting irregularities. For example, in Florida's 13th congressional district, Republican Vern Buchanan won last fall by just 369 votes. Democrat Christine Jennings cried foul, noting that some 18,000 ballots were cast without a vote for either candidate. (The House of Representatives is investigating.)

Not to worry, though, because organized labor has a way to end electoral controversy: Eliminate the private ballot.

Big Labor doesn't put it that bluntly, but that's the upshot of the inaccurately named "Employee Free Choice Act," which union leaders are pushing hard before Congress. If the measure becomes law, it would completely change the way workers form a union. Instead of using a private ballot, union leaders could unionize a company by "persuading" a simple majority of employees to sign union cards.

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