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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Vermont auto emissions ruling could have broad implications

WASHINGTON (AP) - A ruling by a Vermont judge this week against the auto industry over tough rules curbing greenhouse gas emissions could have national ramifications, from government agencies developing new regulations to the halls of Congress.

The decision, the latest setback for the auto industry, could stifle similar litigation pursued by car makers while placing more pressure on Congress to implement strict fuel economy rules in an energy bill expected to be negotiated this fall.

Environmental groups said Judge William Sessions III's decision on Wednesday bolstered the attempt by California and its allies to receive a waiver from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to set up more stringent vehicle anti-pollution standards than those used by the federal government.

"This, I think, turns up the heat on the EPA on the question of the waiver which is the key step here," said Phil Sharp, a former Indiana congressman who serves as president of Resources for the Future, an environmental group. The EPA has said it will decide on the waiver by the end of the year.

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