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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Is the fix in?

Immigration front: Judge bans ‘no-match’ letters

The Social Security Administration, in conjunction with Homeland Security, plans to send “no-match” letters to companies with employees whose names don’t match the Social Security numbers on the cards used to apply for jobs. Those who don’t act on the letters within 90 days would face criminal charges and civil sanctions. Seems innocuous to us citizens, but in extending his temporary restraining order on the letters, U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer (D-SF) claimed “the planned federal crackdown would cause serious irreparable harm to immigration and labor groups,” according to the Los Angeles Times. One such “group” is the ACLU, naturally.

“No-match” letters are nothing new. According to the SSA, they began sending them to workers in 1979 and to employers in 1994. Suddenly, Judge Breyer finds grievous fault with them. They harm groups. With the way immigration-control measures keep getting spiked, a person just might get the idea that the system’s fixed. -- The Patriot Post

(Bold emphasis added - HH)


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