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Monday, November 26, 2007

EU Reform Treaty raises worry in the US:

Might affect US interests, analysts say

The Boston Globe

WASHINGTON - European nations are poised to ratify a treaty that would give the European Union sweeping power over the continent's security policies, raising concerns among homeland security specialists here that keeping track of suspected terrorists across the Atlantic may become more difficult for the United States.

Although the EU Reform Treaty has received scant attention in the United States, analysts say it could profoundly affect American interests. Until now, the US government has worked nation-to-nation with Europeans on homeland security matters from issuing visas to sharing intelligence.

But the treaty, which will be signed next month and subject to ratification by member countries next year, would increasingly centralize authority over security in the EU, which has been less willing to cooperate with the United States than the governments of some European countries.

Full story at The Boston Globe

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