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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Huckabee Described As 'Christian Socialist'

Richard A. Viguerie, the author of Conservatives Betrayed: How George W. Bush and Other Big Government Republicans Hijacked the Conservative Cause called Huckabee's win "bad news" for the Republican Party.

"Mike Huckabee is a Christian socialist. He is a good man, but with a Big Government heart," Viguerie said in a news release late Thursday night. "He is the most liberal of all the Republican presidential candidates on economic issues."

Viguerie said Huckabee is inclined to solve any problem by passing laws or launching another government program. "If like President George W. Bush, you'll love Mike Huckabee," Viguerie said. Continue reading....


  • Christian Socialist?

    Christians believe in sharing with the poor but I think that is as close as they get to socialism. The sharing needs to be by the person that has the resources and done willingly; not by the force of a gun; Nor, should the responsibility be handed over to the government.

    Here is a core value from a church:
    We love unconditionally, listen sensitivity, and assist families, the poor, sick, unlearned, addicted, lonely, and hurting.

    We believe accountability, a sense of belonging, personal care, and spiritual growth happen best with relationally connected believers.

    By Blogger Wsmith, at 12:11 AM  

  • I must admit, I had not heard this term before, "Christian Socialist," although I think I know what he means.

    You don't need to explain to me what a Christian is, for I am one; but perhaps, you were explaining it to my readers.

    I do agree with you that the person should be the one - at a time of his choosing - when and how to share his resources.

    There certainly are biblical reasons to be charitable, but the government forcefully taking your money to give to someone else, most certainly is not by any definition ... charity.

    Any politician who claims to be a Christian, and I will not judge him on that merit, but also thinks government, and expanding it, creating more and bigger government programs to take care of all the ills of the people (funded through taxing of its citizens) is a socialist.

    They are not mutually exclusive. One can most certainly can be a Christian ... believing in Christ and his resurrection ..... and be a socialist.

    By Blogger HeavyHanded, at 5:38 PM  

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