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Friday, January 04, 2008

Huckabee Wins Iowa with Evangelical Turn Out

Will There be an Iowa Bounce?

The Romney campaign also speculated late yesterday that it would be a close race. Gentry Collins, the full-time Romney campaign manager told HUMAN EVENTS White House Correspondent John Gizzi "I hope we win in Iowa, and New Hampshire, but we don't have to." "If any candidate comes within a few points of winning, it's a victory," said Collins. Unfortunately for the Romney campaign -- it was more than just “a few points.”

Romney made a statement after many networks projected Huckabee as the winner that this was only "the first inning in a 50-inning ball game." Spending much more than Huckabee -- $10 million -- Iowa proved to be an expensive inning, Romney’s strategy didn’t work in Iowa, but may not prove a failure altogether. Romney still appears to be the “national candidate” since he is likely to go head to head with Sen. John McCain in New Hampshire. On the flip side, if Romney loses again in New Hampshire his campaign will be in real trouble. In frozen New Hampshire, Romney will feel the heat.

A tie for third with Thompson is great news for McCain who spent little to no time in Iowa campaigning and still proved to be an effective candidate. McCain will still look forward to a close race and possible win in New Hampshire next week. Thompson with 13% is still a contender and scored well enough in Iowa to squash bogus rumors that he will drop out of the race.


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