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"€œGod willing, with the force of God behind it, we shall soon experience a world
without the United States and Zionism."€ -- Iran President Ahmadi-Nejad

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Supreme Court

“Looking forward to the next presidency, we see that Justice Stevens is 87, Justice Ginsburg 74, Justices Kennedy and Scalia 71, Justice Breyer 69 and Justice Souter 68. Perhaps all will be sitting in January 2013. Perhaps all will be retired. Voters who care about the Supreme Court ought to assume that the next president will have an impact on the future course of the Supreme Court greater than any president in modern times. The Court of course affects every aspect of American life, from the conduct of the war to the protection of the unborn, the right to worship and speak freely, the right to bear arms and the right to be free from intrusive governmental oversight. The Court can chose to protect private property or, as has been the case for decades, almost completely ignore this foundational right. The Court is the country’s future in many respects, and the president is the keeper of the court.”

—Hugh Hewitt


  • The court teaters on the brink of a major exodus and we are flirting with candidates like Obama, Clinton and McCain. Even a casual glance at their records would force one to pause.

    Super Tuesday may toss things in the air and change the whole climate again.

    By Anonymous ablur, at 4:08 PM  

  • Yes, it could be a scary 8 years on many fronts, with Supreme Court nominees among them.

    But, McCain says he will appoint judges in the mold of Scalia, Roberts, and Thomas.

    Don't you believe him, ablur?


    (I don't.)

    Oh, but not Alito because he wears his conservatism on his sleeve.

    By Blogger HeavyHanded, at 4:22 PM  

  • I'm a trusting guy.

    Now on believability, you earn that. I don't believe a thing he says.

    I can tell that you don't either.

    One of the saints would have to come down and tell me he has changed his ways before I would elect him to any office.

    It just amazes me that Americans would vote for people like Hillary, Obama, Kerry, McCain, Kennedy, Feingold, Polosi, Reid,.......
    No longer does the best and the brightest seek office in America.

    By Anonymous ablur, at 9:01 PM  

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