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Heavy-Handed Politics

"€œGod willing, with the force of God behind it, we shall soon experience a world
without the United States and Zionism."€ -- Iran President Ahmadi-Nejad

Monday, March 10, 2008

Going down the crapper .......

We get headlines and news stories such as this:

High School Offers Homosexual Porn, Parents Complain
"Parents in Deerfield, Ill., are upset that a local high school is using books in advanced English classes this spring that they say are laced with graphic sexual content, pervasive expletives and mockery of religion..."

And when concerned parents feel that our schools have gone off the deep end and feel that it is their right, and in the best interest of their children to be home schooled, they have to be worried about this:

California Home-Schooling Ruling Called ‘Assault on Family’
- A ruling by a California appeals court that parents “do not have a constitutional right to home-school their children” drew harsh criticism from religious conservatives on Friday, one of whom said the decision makes tens of thousands of parents into criminals...

Boy, we are going to hell in a hand basket and the hand baskets are running in short supply.


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