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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

McCain Says He Would Put Conservatives on Supreme Court

Washington Post:
McCain Says He Would Put Conservatives on Supreme Court

I would like to know just how is going to do this? First, he needs to get elected of course. Then we have to believe him that he will attempt to do this.

Bush has had much difficulty in getting federal judges to the bench and getting two Justices of his choosing on SCOTUS was no picnic. There will be most likely, a larger representation of Democrats in both houses of congress than there is now.

McCain, and his band of 14, leaves us with some suspicions and reservations.

And further, you know McCain and his desire to please and cozy up to the left. No, we are not talking about reaching across the aisle, here. We are talking about a willingness to jump into bed with them.

If he nominates conservative judges and the Dems attempt to block him, will he accede to their wishes and allow them to recommend (read force) liberal judges down our throats?

Quite likely.


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