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Sunday, May 04, 2008

This week’s climate change: Oceans cool

According to researchers at Germany’s Leibniz Institute of Marine Sciences, temperatures in North America and Europe may actually drop over the next 10 years because of shifting ocean currents. Worldwide temperatures could stabilize over the same span. One researcher said that the cooling effect might neutralize warming trends. “Those natural climate variations could be stronger than the global-warming trend over the next 10-year period,” he said.

Now here’s the money quote: “Without knowing that, you might erroneously think there’s no global warming going on.” Word is, he said that with a straight face. Another researcher chimed in, “If we don’t experience warming over the next 10 years, it doesn’t mean that greenhouse-gas warming is not with us.”

In other words, pay no attention to the cooling temperatures—the globe is still going to warm. (As an aside, NASA said this week that we are in for possibly 30 years of cooling.)

Finally, another priceless quote from a researcher: “We thought a lot about the way to present this because we don’t want it to be turned around in the wrong way. I hope it doesn’t become a message of Exxon Mobil and other skeptics.”

Perish the thought.



Natural climate variations...?


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